Writers create thesis sentences

Recall from Week 1 that main ideas and thesis sentences are really two sides of the same coin. Writers create thesis sentences. Readers pick out the main idea from what they read, which is usually the thesis sentence of the writer. This week, you continue practicing writing thesis sentences and sentence outlines. By Day 7 Locate one additional article related to one of this week’s case study topics, other than the one you used in your Discussion. Complete the Source Quality Rating Document found in the Week 2 Learning Resources. Determine the main idea of the article. After you have determined the main idea of the article, craft your own thesis in response to the article’s main idea. You may create a thesis statement which agrees with the article’s main idea, or you may create a thesis statement which disagrees with the article’s main idea. Once you have created your own thesis statement, develop a sentence outline which supports your thesis. There is an example Week 1 Assignment 2 document, located in the Week 1 Learning Resources. You may also use this example for Week 2 Assignment 2.  Be sure to provide attribution, using APA formatting, for any sources used.  Create one document that includes: The thesis statement and the sentence outline you created Your completed Source Quality Rating document