Write An investigation into strategies for improving expatriate nurse retention at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh.

Order DescriptionPowerpoint presentation (500words)INTRODUCTION
1, Introduce the topic to the audience
Why is this research needed (This section should be no more than
2-3 sentences that introduces the topics and the need for the research)SEARCH METHODOLOGY
2, Present and justify:
Search strategy
Search sources
Process by which literature
was included or excluded
Limitations to search
Presentation of search finding
to inform the literature reviewing dicating
key themes
Methods(This section should encapsulate the search strategy and end with identifying the final data sources (number, type, etc) used for the review. )FINDINGS FROM THE LITERATURE REVIEW
Critical evaluation of literature which informs each theme (including the evidence to support the theme and your evaluation of the
Indicate how the key themes relate to the research topCONFIRMATION OF RESEARCH QUESTION
State research aims
State research question(s)
List research objectives
( It should clear how these have been directed or framed by the literature review)CONFIRMATION OF CHOSEN METHODOLOGY
Identify and discuss the
rationale for the chosen
methodology for your projectREFERENCES-ABSTRACT -The abstract should be presented on the final slide but is not included in the narrated presentation.
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