Write an essay that discusses the social, historical and cultural factors that contribute to poor communication between various health professionals.

Write an essay that discusses the social, historical and cultural factors that contribute to poor communication between various health professionals.

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Assessment item 3
Value: 40%
Due date: 06-May-2016
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EASTS (online)

Write an essay that discusses the social, historical and cultural factors that contribute to poor communication between various health professionals.

In both the report and the essay the following conditions apply:
You must use the co-constructed reference list that you developed with your group as the core material for your report or essay.
You should find at least five, preferably more additional journal items or books to enhance and personalise your work
You will include a 100 word Feed Forward statement at the end of your work describing how you used the feedback you were given from your critcial evaluations of journal articles to improve the quality of your research and/or writing.
Patient safety concerns can usually be traced back to communication problems at various levels within health organisations. Medical complaints usually relate to the breakdown of communication with health professionals rather than the severity of a medical error or negligence. As a health practitioner you must understand the risks associated with poor communication skills, whether it is written or verbal skills, or the non-language communication issues of attitude, body language and subtle prejudices.

Marking criteria
Students who are in danger of failing this subject due to the standard of their essay, and if the essay was submitted on time, will be given support and direction to re submit before the end of Semester. This will usually include a referral to the ALLaN consultants who can assist with the structure of your essday, but not the content. Content issues should have been fully address in earlier assessment tasks.

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the subject material relating to the essay topic
Does not demonstrate knowledge or comprehension of subject material. Facts misrepresented or misunderstood.
Evidences accurate reading of relevant sources. Clear evidence of knowledge and comprehension. Some reflection. Some discrimination in use of resources.
Good breadth of nuance and reflection that demonstrates informed sensitivity. Critical approach.
Reflective, aware, well read, critical, clear evidence of engagement with content of diverse sources.
Cohesion blending of various readings, comprehensive and complex construction. Nuanced, critical, reflective, and sensitive to the topic.
2. Apply evidence from credible sources
Poor quality resources. Relied on Wikipedia and dictionary definitions. One dimensional approach, no discussion, no theory, no reflection, not critical, not well informed, inaccurate, did not answer the question
Located some resources and used them to support statements.
Appropriate and relevant application of quality journal material. Applied research knowledge in a critical and informed way.
Cleverly connected nuanced examples or discussion using well evaluated sources, factually correct and appropriate use . Clear alignment with the topic. Located and critically utilised well chosen resources.
Cohesive, complex, comprehensive and creative use of readings to develop knowledge. Sensitive and empathetic application. Critically and well-chosen resources.
3. Communicate effectively in academic writing making a distinction from the chosen genre whether report or essay
Content disorganised. Genre for the work not made clear. Failed to apply earlier feedback.
Chosen genre clear and applied consistently and accurately. Adhered to most conventions of academic literacy.. Clear introduction and conclusion. Topic sentences found. Paragraphs structured around the topic sentences. Some evidence of connection between paragraphs. Introduction and conclusion appropriate. Used spell-check
All items listed at pass level plus concise statements, clear direction for each paragraph, attempts at cohesion in transitioning between paragraphs. Clear construction.
All items listed at pass level plus strong structured making the work easy to read..
All items listed at pass level plus easily read and elegance in making good sense. Entire piece of text holds together intelligently and creatively, combining complex thoughts cohesively.
4. Demonstrate accurate use of referencing conventions, and proper formatting of documents
Absent/inaccurate in- text referencing. End reference list does not match in-text refs. Consistent lack of page numbers.
Citation practice bordering on plagiarism

Hanging indent, accurate in text, matching end reference list, page numbers in text, correct DOI where available, journal represented accuerately,
All of pass items plus excellence in choice of good quality journals and good use of items read
All of pass items, no errors, good quality journals and evidence of extensive research and good utilisation of journals
All of Distinction requirements plus resourcefulness in research and in the extensive and appropriate utilisation of excellent journals
5. Feedforward statement
Not included
Factually correct
Intelligently utilised
Evidence of application and development of skills
Flawless application of knowledge and skills gained in earlier tasks

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