Write an argumentative essay on the following topic

Write an argumentative essay on the following topic

With the increased use of modern technology, books and other publications, like newspapers, magazines, etc., are now regularly published online and read on computers, smartphones, and other electronic reading devices, such as iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc. What is the future of print publications? Is it likely that electronic reading materials will completely replace print publications as the main mode of delivering written information in the future?

For your topic, pick a side (pro/for or con/against) and write an essay in which you argue your position. 


Your essay should be 2-4 pages long, with 3 body paragraphs. Be sure to include all parts of an argumentative essay (two arguments and one counter-argument with rebuttal) and that your essay contains specific support and the argumentative tone. Your essay should also be written in the third person point of view (do not use I, we, or you in this essay). 



In addition, your essay should include at least one quotation (and no more than two quotations) from the enclosed sources. You can use only one source or both of them. The quotation(s) should be used to support an argument and/or a counterargument (do NOT use the sources in your introduction or conclusion). Be sure to introduce your source, include the quotation(s) of your choice, and provide an intext citation and a separate Works Cited entry (or entries if you use both sources) according to MLA style.  You may not use any additional outside sources for this essay. 


Could only use following two sources that are in the attachments, and must follow the outline(fix my outline is better)