Write a paper on Patient satisfaction on emergency room care in the US Healthcare system

So here is the topic chosen for the final project:

Submitted Topic: Patient satisfaction on emergency room care

Note: You do not need to use any data set for this assignment

Please make sure to focus on “Patient satisfaction on emergency room care in the US Healthcare system

Below is what we have to do:


Step #2: Using the topic approved by your instructor, identify three articles related to your topic. Using the steps to conduct qualitative research analysis, outlined in weeks 5 and 6, provide the following for each article:

Step #3: List the codes you would use for this study. Codes (attach codebook of at least 5 – 10 defined codes)

Step #4: List five themes for the study

Step #6: Theory – Determine any explanations or predictions observed, associated with topic of interest


Below is clarifications!!!!!!!!

Final project: A few clarifications

These are main pages/sections for the final project:

  1. Cover page (title, member, etc.) — 1 page
  2. Introduction – 1 page

–  A short definition of qualitative analysis, define theme, code (1-2 paragraph)

– List of selected paper

  1. 3. Description of each paper (1-2 pages for each paper– 3-6 pages as a total). This part covers step#3 & #4 instruction

– Start with name of paper, then them and codes of that paper

– For this part you could have a table to describe theme and code (see the example)


How should we divide up the work? Any suggestions?

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