Write a critical account on a contemporary international issue other than the UK.

On the module, we have looked at various countries but there are other countries that you might like to write about (NOT the UK). We have also covered aspects such as inequality of pay, gender, age, race, inequality regimes, aspects of working conditions, employee relations and the impact of national culture on the workplace as well as others that you may choose to focus on for this component.
Please note that your focus should be work related and you should also choose a country which has been researched. So for example, I would NOT suggest the Congo as a suitable country.

So for this assignment, you will do the following:

Write a 2,500 word critical account on a contemporary international issue, based on a country, other than the UK, in line with the main aims of the module. Examples of these issues are as follows:

-Norway and the impact of quotas for women on boards
-the role of women in work in a specific country
-the role of seniority in Japan
-the role of unions in employee relations in China
-how India has managed the caste system in education and work
-how performance management might be applied in China