. Why not expand out from our current country? This is the time to expand out to foreign lands not just for territory but to expand our trade. As a lonely farmer from South Carolina, I have been successful farming and harvesting my crops for the great people of my state.

I will be responding as a plantation owner

1. As a large farm owner, it baffles me how one can be against Imperialism and continue to try and fight against expansion and forward moving.  Do you not realize the benefits not only to us here in America but also to those we begin leading?  Are we, as a great and free country, supposed to sit idly by and watch other countries suffer and decline because their way of government is failing them as a whole?  How is that American?!

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We need to step in, show them what it is to be American and how great it can be.  Not only does this give failing countries a fighting chance; but a guaranteed win!  In addition to helping that country, we also get to expand our great nation.  More territories means more room, more jobs, more diversity, more trading.  We will gain experience from them on what they are experts in them, and them us.  We will be able to open more trading posts that can greatly improve profits for even simple farmers such as myself.  Can’t you see the increase in production here due to trading? Do you anti-Imperialists want our country to always be scraping by?

Resistance is normal for anything like this, as they do not see the ‘greener pastures’ until later; but they do eventually see it and are thankful for it.  We need to continue to push forward so that our country can be all it was meant to be.  We need a presence overseas, and what better way to have that and help the economy at the same time?

2. Why not expand out from our current country? This is the time to expand out to foreign lands not just for territory but to expand our trade. As a lonely farmer from South Carolina, I have been successful farming and harvesting my crops for the great people of my state. With our government expanding out to overseas markets, that would only increase my profit and my comfort of living. We see just from the short time that we were a country, we have pushed out to multiple countries. Sometimes conflict and war occurs but that is to protect our American interest in that area. Our country has been trying to stay neutral with Europe during their time of conflict. Myself as a farmer actually benefits from the demand of crops that they are purchasing. I really saw the increase of my crops once we sent our first soldiers over there to fight along side of England. We went there to assist our allies with the war and to protect our political interests. Now I am seeing how well that I am benefiting from the overseas war. I have so many new clients for my products it is breathe taking considering most of my new clients are not from this country and are in fact mainly European. This is what this country needs to stay on the world stage. Overseas interest have been nothing but good to this country and we need to continue our presence on foreign soils whether we have to fight to get it or take it in a peaceful manner.

As we all know imperialism is what is helping this country to progress. The expansion and extension of this country is what makes it the greatest country in the world. There have been occasions where I have found myself with no work and it had honestly been a true struggle. Fortunately, imperialism had changed the work industry in the United States for the better. With the expansion and growth of this country there are now many more places to go and find new work. New prospects continue to surface and as the expansion continues towards the west, there will be more work to do on the railroad.

There are other countries battling each other for land and having many deaths. With the hope that we don’t get dragged into that mess and continue to obtain territories everything should work out well for us. I don’t understand how there are people against the progress that the United States has made and continues to make.  The more territories that the country obtains the more opportunity that arise for the American people.

We have helped many other countries to obtain the freedom. People who are against imperialism do not understand that we have done our duties in helping others and if we find the opportunity to obtain some extra territory because that country is not doing that well, why not extend a helping hand? It is not like we are going to abandon the people who are originally from there. In reality we are opening up new opportunities for that countries future.

My final thoughts, I believe everyone who is against imperialism needs to sit back and look at the bigger picture. Everything that has happened and continues to happen has only benefited the American people.

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