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Words Matter

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  • Share five of your top key words that you plan to add to your LinkedIn profile
  • How did you find these words and why do you want to be associated with them?

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Words Matter

Five Top Key Words

Almost 90% of people who seek employees consider LinkedIn to be the best source for better and desirable individuals. Whether a person is in Human Resource, Marketing, or Engineering, application of keywords for their LinkedIn is significant and necessary. For this reason, I have explored several keywords and found five that are outstanding. First, the position title is one of the most important keywords for my LinkedIn because employers search for candidates when looking for candidates. Secondly, the Location is another keyword that must be on my profile because it matters depending on where the job opportunity is. Thirdly, skills are also among the top keywords. The fourth top keyword is certifications, while the fifth keyword is professional experiences.

How I found these Words

Most keywords are found by clicking the advanced link on the platform. They are common terms, which makes them easier to find and use.

Why I want to be associated with them

The words are important because it will be easier for people seeking candidates to search and find me. For example, if it is a sales opportunity, the position title can easily direct the candidate-seekers to my profile. Additionally, displaying the skills and certifications is essential to attracting employers.

My Five Words:

1. Creative leader2.  Communicator3. Advocate4. Altruistic 5. Motivator

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