What is the rationale for the study?

1. What is the rationale for the study?

2. From reading the introduction, what different types of evidence do the authors use to support their case?

3. What are the outcome measures and what behaviour do they try to quantify?

4. How compelling are the behavioural models with regards to face/construct/predictive validity?

5. Why do the authors use different measures to quantify the same things or repeat very similar experiments?

6. What potential problems of ‘signal-to-noise’ do the authors encounter?

7. Why do the authors sometimes present virtually the same data over several subfigures? What is the additional value of each one?

8. What is the benefit of the types of graphs and statistical analyses referred to in the text?

9. What do the figures actually show? How are they interpreted? What is novel about the findings of this study?

10. What are the potential artefacts and confounds of the manipulations made in the study that could influence internal validity? How do the researchers control for these?

11. What conflict do the authors report with previous findings and what could be done to advance the research question further?