What is a package policy?

Please remember that you must do your own work. Any plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for all students involved. Please use your own words even if you are using the textbook for answers. Always provide a citation when a reference is used.

  1. Answer the following:
  2. What is a package policy?
  3. Explain the advantages of a commercial package policy to a business firm as compared to the purchase of separate policies.
  1. Identify the causes of loss that are covered under the following forms:
  2. Causes-of-loss basic form:
  3. Causes-of-loss broad form:
  4. Causes-of-loss special form:
  1. Briefly describe the following commercial property insurance coverages:
  2. Builders risk insurance:
  3. Condominium insurance:
  4. Equipment breakdown insurance:
  5. Difference in conditions (DIC) insurance:
  1. Explain the following ocean marine insurance coverages:
  2. Hull insurance:
  3. Cargo insurance:
  4. Protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance:
  5. Freight insurance:
  1. Provide an example of a claim in each of the following:
  2. Products liability:
  3. Completed operations liability.
  1. Distinguish between the meaning of “contractual liability” and “contingent liability.”
  1. Explain the difference between an occurrence policy and a claims-made policy.
  1. A workers compensation policy contains several coverages. Briefly explain each of the following coverages:
  2. Part One: Workers Compensation Insurance:
  3. Part Two: Employers Liability Insurance:

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