What areas are considered limited access, if any?


Assignment: Mr. Scott wants a Physical vulnerability assessment of the security perimeters of TechWorx.

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Minimum Requirements:

  • Define the three Perimeters (Outer, Inner, and Interior) for TechWorx (see figure 1) and what are the key vulnerabilities of each of the perimeters. Note: In figure 2 below, there is no indication of an outer perimeter. You will need to create one for the organization.
  • What are the most critical areas that we should secure in the building?
  • What areas are considered limited access, if any?
  • Include at least one supporting figure, image, or diagram. (you may have more than one)
  • Ensure you address all three security perimeters.
  • What type of access control systems (review Chapter 2 for these systems) do you recommend for TechWorx and why?  Note: I am not asking for a specific model and brand. At this point, we are just brainstorming what types of systems we will need.  Next we we will look at specific solutions.

Mr. Scott was very happy to hear about the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.  He is anxious to get started on protecting TechWorx equipment and personnel.   In chapter two you learned about the three security perimeters are outer, inner, and interior.  For this assignment only consider physical perimeters.  We will cover computer/network (logical) perimeters in future assignments.

physical perimeters.png

Figure 1 Physical Perimeters

TechWorx Corporate office.jpg

Figure 2TechWorx Corporate Office

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