Read the case study and then answer the following questions: 
1-What are the goals of the athenahealth? Why?
2-Do we know what are the goals or demands of the customers?  
who to answer (Questions 1-2)? 
Brief Explanation. 2-8 sentences. List goals in bullet format.  

2.Do we know what are the goals or demands of the customers?
6.Should athenahealth create and pursue a new product? 
7.Does athenahealth have other options that it can pursue?
8.Should athenahealth enter a new market and compete against established & reputable companies?
9.How can you convince a customer to purchase and implement a new product?
10.What are the problems and obstacles both (players i.e. Athena & customers) would face?

how to answer Q 6,7,8,9,10:
Use sub-titles for each question. 
For questions 2,7,9. State brief explanations of 2-8 sentences for each one and follow with a list in bullet format.
For questions 6,8,10. Write in paragraph format.

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