Use the instructions below to complete the assignment.

Exam Instructions

Excel Proficiency Assignment
Use the instructions below to complete the assignment.
Use of Excel for Organizing
Change the name of the “Dataset” worksheet to “Excel Proficiency Exam”
Insert a new column between Column A and Column B
Split the single column A data into two separate columns
Add a new heading name to these columns, “Last Name” and “First Name”
Format Column C, D, E, and G for currency
Format Column F for percentages
Use of Formulas in Excel
Create a formula in Column E to Add Columns C and D
Label Column G “Taxes Paid”
Create a formula in Column G to Multiply Column E and F
Label Column H “Net Pay”
Create a formula in column H to subtract G from E
Insert a new column between Column E and Column F
Label the new column F “Average Daily Wage Rate”
Create a formula in the new column F to divide “Total Weekly Wages” by 7
Merge cells K1 and L1 and name the cell “Employee Averages”
In column K, under the heading, copy the heading titles from C1:I1 to K2:K8. Use a formula to link the cells.
Create a formula in column L that calculates the averages for each matching category in K2:K8
Use of Complex Formulas in Excel
In cell K25, create a heading titled, “Thunder Occurrences”
In cell K26, create a formula that counts the number times “Thunder” occurs in the columns containing “Names”
Use of Excel to Create Graphs
Using data in the average table, create a pie chart that compares the amount of average weekday wages to the average weekend wages
Change the chart title to, “Weekday & Weekend Wage Comparison”
Position the chart so that it is placed between K10-L23
Use of Excel for Aesthetics
Change the font for your entire workbook to 12pt Arial
Widen or shrink all columns to the exact size of the words in the heading
Wrap text in headings with three or more words so that are no more than 3 words per line
Center the entire data set
Sort the entire data set according to last name
Add all borders to the entire data set along with the Employee Averages and Thunder Occurrences data set
Add a thick outside border to the first row of headings including the Employee Averages and Thunder Occurrences headings
Italicize and bold the text in the headings along with the Employee Averages and Thunder Occurrences headings
Add a Light Gray Background to all headings including Employee Averages and Thunder Occurrences
Insert an image of any GCU logo under the number of “Thunder Occurrences”


Weekday Wages Weekend Wages Total Weekly Wages Tax Bracket
Doe,John 500 400 0.20
Lauterborn,Teresa 325 450 0.25
Williams,Anna 800 1400 0.22
Smith,Jane 800 1400 0.30
Escobar,Tianna 475 731 0.33
Miranda,Isabelle 409 789 0.31
Thunder,Devin 850 875 0.15
Boscot,Kyra 680 300 0.15
Thunder,Kyra 680 300 0.14
Riley,Albert 500 400 0.13
Fink,Thunder 775 1000 0.12
Garza,Tracey 400 500 0.18
Newert,Devin 850 875 0.19
Walker,Isabelle 740 678 0.26
Wells,Jane 715 449 0.25
Belanger,Anna 100 800 0.23
Rhodes,Kara 322 386 0.25
Anderson,Steven 273 738 0.30
Doe,Campbell 775 1000 0.10
Escobar,James 548 404 0.26
Adrian,Jacob 249 947 0.34
Martinez,Megan 326 982 0.22
Miranda,Brandon 532 589 0.34
Smith,Kelly 288 963 0.25
Williams,Ashley 100 800 0.35
Fisher,Kathryn 775 555 0.28
Barnes,Sean 320 462 0.29
Harper,Joshua 771 892 0.34
Avery,Chelsey 547 733 0.30
Pews,Kimberly 587 737 0.31
Lutz,Latrisha 400 500 0.20
Johnson,Bridget 386 963 0.25
Ellerman,Elizabeth 609 978 0.35
Slater,Jeffrey 592 822 0.28
Stover,Charlene 538 404 0.29
Kaiser,Melinda 204 577 0.25
St Louis,Peter 388 687 0.25
Molina,Christine 523 930 0.25
Harris,Robert 253 595 0.21
Craven,Mary Kate 495 406 0.20
Young,Nicole 627 513 0.33
Barraza,Warner 486 893 0.34
Taylor,Jonathan 714 602 0.25
Young,Samuel 758 439 0.26
Weiser,Ashley 325 450 0.20
Powell,Tamara 364 999 0.15
Davis,Michelle 695 828 0.31
Salinas,Thunder 460 942 0.22

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