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written lifestyle management plan of no more than 800 words. Tables and figures may also be included if they help to explain your plan / issue. Each student will identify a risk factor or lifestyle behaviou.
(a) Introduce your selected risk factor and describe its prevalence in the Australian population with specific reference to your age and gender.

(b) Summarise, using appropriate published statistics or other references, the burden the chosen risk factor / lifestyle behaviour has on our society and how it may affect you as a paramedic.

(c) Identify national & international guidelines or recommendations related to this risk factor

Assume you are susceptible to this risk factor

(d) Develop a 4 week plan to modify your selected risk factor / lifestyle behaviour.

(e) Write the plan and explain what you hope to modify, how you will alter your behaviour(s) and how you will measure or evaluate the effectiveness of your plan.ean

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