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Southwest Airlines has been my favorite airline since I can remember and the discussion questions and case study forced me to reexamine why I LUV them so much from not only a studen’ts point of view but also from having been a customer. No baggage fees, their “Wanna Get Away” fares, Southwest has really opened the market to entice travelers who normally wouldn’t fly vs drive but because the fares are so comparable you can’t resist. As a Rapid Rewards member for five years now, the benefits to being loyal to this airline company have paid dividends for my travel. I like it so much I have even opened a credit card with them to earn extra points. Whether it is flying to Vegas to get a way for the weekend or trying to get home to see family for the holidays, Southwest consistently offers the lowest fares without compromising food, service or their awesome flight attendants. “Southwest Airlines is the nation’s largest carrier in terms of originating domestic passengers boarded and has recently acquired AirTran Airways, now a whollTransportation Business Journaly owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines Co. Southwest serves 72 cities in 37 states and is one of the most honored airlines in the world known for its commitment to the triple bottom line of Performance, People, and Planet” (Anonymous). Southwest Airlines’ announcement to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of AirTran Airways went public September of 2010. This acquisition of AirTran, a company with a similar business strategy of low fares was a great acquisition on Southwest’s part. By acquiring AirTran Airways, Southwest has been able to offer flights to an estimated 2 million more customers to additional airports. “The Southwest and AirTran Flight Attendants have proven they can rally together for the greater good of Southwest Airlines. I’m proud to lead such a passionate and committed work group, and we’re ready for all the exciting things to come” (Anonymous). With the acquisition of AirTran they have added an additional 8,033 employees, 138 aircraft, and 177 nonstop routes (Thompson, 2012). Integration of the AirTran employees into the culture of Southwest Airlines is definitely going to be the biggest challenge for Southwest to overcome. AirTran will need to be able to identify with the fun-luving culture Southwest has created and capitalized on for over thirty years. Southwest may encounter problems with instilling the culture of the Southwest airline among the AirTran employees. Although, initial reports of the integration have been overwhelmingly positive. Other than that, all I can predict for Southwest are great things on the horizon. <o:p></o:p>

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