Tracking Obesity for Intervention Programs.

Question Description

Decide on a theoretical framework that will explain your topic of interest. Theory can be from nursing or related fields. Identify the variables in your study and define them conceptually and operationally.

Topic: Tracking Obesity for Intervention Programs.

Rationale: Obesity has become a leading concern public health of late. The reason behind these concerns is due to increased prevalence.

The Purpose of the Study.

The purpose of this research is to establish how technology can be coined with health in order to reduce the prevalence of obesity.

Also Based on your chosen topic, problem statement, purpose of study, and literature review, compose one research question and one research/null hypothesis statement for your topic. 

Describe the subject being studied with inclusion and exclusion criteria 

Explain how the rights of the subjects will be protected

Question Description

While there is a trend towards health care providers being culturally aware and providing culturally congruent care, these terms are not new to nursing. Providing client-centered care and avoiding being non-judgmental are central to nursing. This weeks topic of discussion will be on

(1) Gerontological Nursing

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