The Ethics of Stem Cell Use and Its Future in Healthcare

The purpose of this paper is to explore a controversial healthcare issue substantially. The paper should include an introduction, a discussion of the issue including important healthcare ethical concepts involved, a description of AT LEAST two points of view (however if you can incorporate more it might strengthen the paper), the justified opinion of the author, and a conclusion.

AT LEAST SIX professional references are required and should be cited in APA.



The paper should be more than 3,000 words but can be up to as much as 6,000. WORDS DO NOT INCLUDE REFERENCES AND CITATIONS.

The paper must include a cover sheet, table of contents, and the reference page with cited sources.

I personally am requesting an author that will be okay with arguing FOR stem cell use. Author must also not have more than 5 other orders in progress while working on this essay. Authors with more than 5 orders will not be considered due to the possibility of a lack of attention to detail of this paper or the possibility of a “rushed” finish.

Deadline for this essay is Apr 10th at noon. However, author’s obligations will not be over at the deadline. For example, if the professor asks for more information or a rewrite of a section, the writer must accomplish this for final payment to be distributed.

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