summary report of your practicum

HLTH 698

Project Paper Overview

The Project Paper is intended as a mechanism to provide a summary report of your practicum. The paper must be structured according to the traditional AIMRAD format (see AMA Manual of Style). This style should be modeled in most of the articles you used to create your annotated bibliography, because it is the standard for structuring professional public health peer-reviewed documents. All stages of the Project Paper must be submitted with 1.5 spacing and 1-inch margins in 12-point Times New Roman font. A cover page including the Project Title, Student Name/ID, Course Section, Development Stage, and Date will be required for each stage of development. The annotated bibliography will be used as a starting point to connect your practicum with the body of public health research related to the public health problem under consideration in your paper. A total of 20 primary sources will be required for the final version of the paper. Knowledge from the MPH core curriculum (HLTH 501–511) and your concentration courses will be critical to completion of this part of the course.

The body of the Project Paper will be developed in 4 stages—Introduction, Methods, Results, and Rough Draft. The various stages of development for the paper will submitted to the instructor on Weeks 6, 8, 11, and 13. The paper must also be submitted to a classmate serving as a peer editor. You will be assigned to a group discussion board in which you will be paired with your peer editor. You are required to attach the Project Paper: Peer-Editor Rubric for Stages 1–4 document at the end of each document received from a classmate. The grade on each section will be derived from the revised score given by the instructor after review and appropriate revision of the peer-editor critique.

As the peer-editor, you must use the Track Changes and Comment feature under the Review tab in Microsoft Word to show any suggested revisions to the document and to add insightful comments. The peer-editor rubric can then be completed and the paper returned to the author and submitted to the instructor one week later on Weeks 7, 9, 12, and 14 respectively. Peer-editors will be graded by the instructor according to the quality of the edits, critique, and scores they provide as a the peer-editor grade for the assignment. Each stage of the Project Paper should be critiqued by a different student peer-reviewer within your designated group Discussion Board Forum.

The final version of the paper will be submitted only to the instructor via the link on B