Summarize “Who Am I” activity for your group

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Introduction: Historically, nurses in the public health setting have cared for clients from diverse backgrounds. This can be traced back to the work of Lillian Wald in the late 1800s when care was provided to a primarily immigrant population. Nurses today are often challenged with caring for clients who are not from the same cultural background as their own. The concepts of culture, race, and ethnicity can have an impact on effective communication, personal space preferences, social organization, time perception, control of one’s environment, and nutritional/dietary practices (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2018). Culturally competent nursing occurs when “nurses integrate their professional knowledge with the client’s knowledge and practices to negotiate and promote culturally relevant care” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2018, p. 77). During this clinical activity, students will explore their own cultural identification and share this information with their classmates as we explore the importance of culture in caring for clients.

1. Summarize “Who Am I” activity for your group (describe factors: compassionate, caring, proactive, family oriented, independent)

2. Of the cultural descriptors you posted on the wall, think about the factors you MOST identify with. How does this identity impact your life? (compassionate, caring, proactive, family oriented, independent)

3. Although we each have our own unique cultural differences, in what ways are we already connected?

4. How can we develop a deeper understanding of individuals and groups that differ from us?

5. How might the discoveries and insights gained today impact your role as a culturally competent nurse serving a diverse population?

6. Discuss the importance of cultural influences in population health nursing

7. Provide one example or model case of culturally competent nursing care using the following terms (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2018): Cultural preservation; Cultural accommodation; Cultural repatterning; Cultural brokering

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