Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Plan Draft B
Similar to Strategic Marketing Plan Draft A that you completed in Week 5, you will use this opportunity to incorporate more into the draft of your strategic marketing plan. After reviewing and incorporating faculty feedback on your other draft, your brochure and email, and your digital marketing plan presentation, enter the information that we have covered thus far in this course. By now, you should be able to work on the following slides required for this assignment:
Marketing Approach. (This should be a streamlined version of your digital marketing plan, 2–3 slides.)
Marketing Budget and Pricing.
Product/Service Distribution.
Note that you will be building your strategic marketing plan throughout the course. This is the second draft you will submit in advance of the final assignment submission. This allows you to work ahead on sections as you learn, apply new information, and get feedback to improve your plan.Submit this draft by the end of the week.

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