Strategic Disaster Plan

I have examined the 1st part of the case study you provided. I found that one of your references has an incorrect date on it. Nelson JC, Essien JD, Loudermilk R, Cohen D. (1997). The public health competency handbook: optimizing individual and organizational performance for the public’s health. Gaithersburg (MD): Aspen Publishers. Since this one was published in 1997, I cannot count it as one of the 10 required publications that have to be published in the last 5 years. Your paper showed the date as 2014. I can use publications older than 5 years, but I must provide a total of 10 published within the last 5 years as required.

Also, the Part 1 assignment says that I am to go through the first 3 steps of MAPP and apply 3 quality and/or risk management concepts, measures, and tools in the paper. I only see a full description of each step with no applications included. I would like to have short conclusion at the end of each Part so I can tell where you have ended each of the 3 parts then a combined copy to avoid confusion.

Since this has to be submitted in 3 sections, I have pulled the first section out to get ready to submit next week. I have rewritten the first part and will provide you a copy of changes I have made with additional references or corrected references. Please re-read the information that I provided in attachments.

The final project should end up being a Strategic Disaster Plan as I understand it. Not a report on the process itself. I have only read part 1 so far as I had to fix it and prepare for next week first.