5/12/2020 Transcript – SMART Goals 1/2
When creating an action plan, it’s important to set effective goals. This exercise is designed to help you establish
goals for making your decision about a school or program. A useful tool for setting goals is the SMART model.
SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. For a goal statement to be effective,
it needs to meet all five of these criteria.
Let’s start with S, specific. A specific goal is one that is very clear and focused. It answers the “who, what, when,
where, or why” questions as specifically as possible. WHO will be affected by this goal, and how many individuals
will be affected?
Next, ask WHAT specifically are you going to do to meet this goal? Think of this in terms of action words, like
delegate, organize, lead, or train.
Next, ask WHEN? How long will this take? When will it be finished? Be sure that your goals are scheduled to take
place over a set period of time.
Next, ask WHERE? Where will you perform the actions needed to meet this goal? Where will the individuals be
located who will be affected by this goal?
Finally, it’s always important to ask WHY. Why should this goal be developed in the first place? What good will come
out of this?
The second criteria for measuring goals with the SMART model is that goals need to be MEASURABLE. This means
that you need to be able to measure the degree to which your goal was met.
The third criteria for measuring goals with the SMART model is that goals need to be ATTAINABLE. In other words,
is this goal possible? It’s good to set goals that are a little difficult to meet, but you need to draw the line between a
goal and a dream.
In addition, goals need to be REALISTIC. It may be possible to meet a goal, but highly unlikely. When setting goals,
ask yourself, “How likely is it that this can be accomplished?” Keep in mind obstacles that may make it difficult to
achieve your goal, and adjust accordingly.
Finally, goals need to be TIME–BOUND. They need a starting point and an ending point. Otherwise, the goal is too
Remember, effective goals need to be specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and time- bound. Keep the
SMART model criteria in mind as you set goals for your plan.
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5/12/2020 Transcript – SMART Goals 2/2
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