Selecting a Consistent Test Discussion

Selecting a Consistent TestResources PSY7610 Library Research Guide.
Your second course assignment, Evaluation of Technical Quality, is due at the end of Unit 5. This assignment includes searching peer-reviewed journal articles for research on your selected test’s psychometrics, which includes evidence of reliability.For this discussion, describe one journal article’s findings on reliability. In your post, synthesize the following data and information and interpret it yourself based on the information you are learning about reliability in this course. The specific type of reliabilityThe associated source of error it addresses.The author’s overall interpretation of the results.You are not required to report the reliability coefficient (statistic) reported in the journal article.Be sure to include any difficulties you may be experiencing with searching for information in the peer-reviewed journal articles.

StudiesKey ConceptsReview Unit 3 Key Concepts.ReadingsUse your Psychological Testing and Assessment: An Introduction to Tests and Measurement text to complete the following:Read Chapter 5, “Reliability,” pages 145–180.Use your Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing text to complete the following:Read Chapter 2, “Reliability/Precision and Errors of Measurement,” pages 33–47.MediaComplete the following:Click Reliability to view the presentation.Click Reliability Exercise to view the presentation.Review the document List of Tests by Type [PDF]. Explore the list for potential selections due next week. (See the Unit 2 assignment and review the course project information.)ReliabilityBegin Activity icon
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