Select a topic pertinent to Public Health in America. Write a 10 page paper that will include at least 5 evidence/research-based references.

Final Paper:  An important component of this course is the research paper (30%).  Select a topic pertinent to Public Health in America.  Write a 10 page paper that will include at least 5 evidence/research-based references.


Your research paper may include (if applicable to your topic) the following information:

?   Historical Perspective/Background information on your topic

?   Population affected

?   Environmental issues

?   Epidemiological Research

o    Data Use

o    Morbidity & Mortality Patterns

?   Public Health issues & interventions

?   Medical Response

o    Prehospital (if applicable)

o    Hospital

o    Other

?   Government response

o    Local vs. State vs. Federal

?   Economic Factors/Issues

?   Media Coverage/Communication Issues

?   Logistical Issues

o   What worked – what didn’t – why

?   Aftermath

?   Lessons Learned

The research paper should include an introduction of the topic, a body in which the topic is developed and references cited, and a well-defined conclusion.  I strongly recommend that you contact me with the topic of your paper before you begin your research.  The topic you choose may be too broad or too narrow, and a discussion may help you to focus so that your learning will be maximized and your paper will be the best it can be.

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