Rewrite your definition of pollution. Include types of pollutants, what is polluted, and specific examples of pollutants.

1. Rewrite  your definition of pollution. Include types of pollutants, what is polluted, and specific examples of pollutants.

2. You and your neighbors have learned that an abandoned coal (deep) mine upstream from your neighborhood has collected a sizable pool of acidic water (pH ranges between 3.5-4.0). Heavy rains in the local area caused some subsidence at the mine and a breach of the mine pool resulting in a new point source of pollution to the upper reaches of the stream. Your children have played in that stream with their friends, catching salamanders, crayfish, “minnows”, and aquatic “bugs”. You, being a biology teacher, have kept a record of the stream fauna over the years. Due to the new threat of pollution to this stream, you and some of your more environmentally-conscious neighbors decide to form an “action” group to get the problem corrected. Your group is aware that there are funding sources available for clean-up activities in freshwater streams and rivers. Each funding source proposal requires documentation of the fact that pollution does exist. To satisfy this funding proposal requirement, the “Save Our Neighborhood Stream” (or SONS) Group must design and implement an inventory and monitoring program to collect water quality data. But the Group’s funds are very limited and the local municipality is economically-challenged, as well. Based on this information, design a monitoring program for the stream that will demonstrate if there is a pollution impact, how far the impact reaches downstream, and what stream resources are impacted. HINT: Volunteer organizations such as the Izaac Walton League and Save Our Streams use these monitoring methods to assess stream quality. Check out their websites: Izaac Walton League/Save Our Streams (SOS) at Keep your thinking simple. Remember, you are a biology teacher who has collected baseline data on the stream for the past several years (pre-pollution event).

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3. A good example of collaboration between industry and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) that resulted in a “win/win” situation is the case of Greenpeace (the NGO) and the Calor Group, manufacturers of refrigerants (CFC’s and HCFC’s) that have potential ozone depleting qualities. Greenpeace persuaded the Calor Group to develop a completely ozone “friendly” hydrocarbon refrigerant, “Greenfreeze”. Greenpeace used its world-wide contacts to promote Calor’s product resulting in the product being sold and used in China, the fastest-growing refrigerant market in the world. Search those websites and find another case study where collaboration between industry and environmentalists resulted in the satisfaction of both parties (e.g., an environmentally safe/safer product or production method and industry profits). Your case study can involve the development of pollution control methods that resulted in the recovery of some valuable resource for industry while mitigating a serious pollution problem, or any situation where collaboration resulted in both sides being satisfied. Cite your resources correctly according to APA format.

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