Relevance of cost-effectiveness analysys to clinicians and policy makers

Topic: Relevance of cost-effectiveness analysys to clinicians and policy makers

Preferred language style: English (U.K.)

Please use only this reference in my paper.
Provide a constructive critique of:
Detsky AS, Laupacis A. Relevance of cost-effectiveness analysis to clinicians and policy makers. Journal of the American Medical Association 2007; 298: 221-4.
Your task is to develop your own reasoned argument in your own words within a single page.
It is recommended that you begin by establishing the structure of the argument in the set reading, with concepts being more important than details. Next might come a critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of this argument, with your comments where appropriate on the logic, on the use of evidence, and on how the argument may have been shaped by the author(s) own values. Any criticism should be constructive and not mere nitpicking. Finally, you should explore the implications for the health of the public, such as how this paper changes our thinking about the issue and what should we do about its findings in order to improve population health. If it helps,please use the three headings: summary of reviewed paper, critical analysis, and public health implications.

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