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The movie “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare,” identified seven issues affecting our current healthcare system:

1. Paying more, getting less

2. Treating the whole person

3. Preventing Disease

4. Overmedication

5. Overtreatment

6. An entrenched system

7. Reimbursement

Please create a thoughtful and supported post addressing the points below. Let us all do our best to create thoughtful discussions and an open forum for all opinions.

· Pick 4 of the issues listed above and answer the following questions:

· How are these issues affecting our current system (spending/debt, Medicare, ACA, population health)?

· Who is responsible for these issues and correcting them?

· How can these issues be improved whether at a local/state (community health department), national (USDHHS), or global level (WHO)?

· Which of these issues fall under the Strategic Goals of the USDHHS and Healthy People 2020?

· What can we do as nurses?

· Use chapters 3 and 5 in your text and at least one scholarly article (not Wikipedia or a website).

· Your post should be at least 400 words.