Recommendations on how to prevent central line associated blood-stream infections.

This assignment is about providing recommendations on how to prevent central line associated blood-stream infections.

Clinical question

In adult intensive care unit (ICU) patients does using a standardized central-line maintenance kit compared to not using a standardized central-line maintenance kit impact the number of CLABIs within a 90-day period?

4 best recommendation for bed side nurses in caring for in-patients. Example how a bed side nurse will prevent the patient from being readmitted with the same diagnosis or infected with another hospital acquired infection. At least 4 recommendations fully supported by the literature. Here use in text citation for this recommendation. The intext citations will be in the speaker notes and detailed explanation for each. So, it will be 4 recommendations with 4 intext citation which are defined recommendations supported by evidence.

Suggestions for implementation be specific. Who are you going to present this information to? In what setting? How will you follow up to know if the implementation was successful? Start by educating why it is important to implement. Be specific in stating who you will present to how you will present it, the setting you will present it and how you will do the follow up.

On the suggestion part, no direct quote. Paraphrase and provide atleast 2 references here.

sDrews, F. A., Bakdash, J. Z., & Gleed, J. R. (2017). Improving central line maintenance to reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections. American Journal of Infection Control, 45(11), 1224–1230. doi: 10.1016/j.ajic.2017.05.017

Patel, P. K., Greene, M. T., Jones, K., Rolle, A. J., Ratz, D., Snyder, A., Saint, S., & Chopra, V. (2019). Quantitative Results of a National Intervention to Prevent Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection: A Pre-Post Observational Study. Annals of Internal Medicine, 171(7_Suppl), S23–S29.

You need to find two more research articles that researched on central line associated blood-stream infections.

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