Read Description: Review of 3 articles, include an abstract,conclusion and references page.

Review of each article should include( a review for all three articles independently):

-Introduce the article, including the purpose of the article and any revelant hypotheses.

-Summarize methods (i.e. type of participants, procedures used to manipulate or measure variables).

-Summarize study results.

-Explain how study and results demonstrate or support the social psychology topic Bystander Effect (you must be able to demonstrate that you can relate the specific study results to the Bystander Effect).


For a conclusion for the paper: briefly summarize the major results of each study.


Include a references page listing the articles.


Include an abstract of the articles also.


APA format with citations.


Original work only no plagiarism and no paraphasing to close to the original wording is still considered plagiarism.


Attached are the articles to be used and a brief overview of the Bystander Effect