Quiz 4 from The American Spirit

Quiz 4 from The American Spirit.  Write an essay (at least three paragraphs) choosing one of the questions.  Read the document and base the essay on the document (not the paragraph in italics which is the 21st century editor’s commentary).  There are four choices, pick one.

1.         What was life like for Ben Isaacs, the 12-year-old boy and Sam Mayhem during the Depression?  How bad was the Depression?  (Chapter 32, sections B2-4, pp. 614-619)

2.         Describe the conditions during the Dust Bowl?  What did Ann Marie Lowe experience?  (Chapter 32, section E2, pp. 629-631)

3.         What are the views of isolationism?  Are there similar attitudes today?  (Chapter 33, sections A1, 4 and 5, pp. 639-641, and 643-646

4.         What was the reaction to the use of the atomic bomb in 1945?  Why did the U.S. use the atomic bomb?  (Chapter 34, section F, pp. 685-689)