Psych. Learning & Memory Drugs to Improve Memory

You can hardly pick up a newspaper or magazine without encountering a story about discovery of a new memory-enhancing drug or seeing an advertisement for a natural product (e.g., Ginko biloba) that improves memory. In May of 2002, the American Psychological Society published a 40-page supplement on the use of herbal extracts to enhance cognitive functioning. The reference for this is: Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 2002, Volume 3, Number 1. The first link below should take you to this long article. Of course, there are also many Web sites that deal with this topic and some of these are identified below. you have read or looked through the above materials and anything else interesting you might have found on the topic, write the usual essay of at least 800 words. The topic should simply be what you would tell a bright undergraduate about the use of drugs and/or natural supplements to improve memory. You might consider including a discussion of what is known about the physiological and/or biochemical nature of memory and how various types of drugs might be expected to affect such processes.Another topic that might be of considerable interest is evidence of the effects of various drugs to combat Alzheimers disease. You might also wish to discuss use of drugs and supplements to enhance memory of normal people such as college students. Would you recommend that your friend take a form of Ginko biloba the night before a big exam? Would you recommend high doses for two weeks or two months before the big exam? Regardless of the direction you take in your essay, be sure to give thorough treatment to solid scientific evidence relevant to your material. As you know by now, testimonials and exhortation do not constitute scientific evidence. Also, be sure to reference all of the sites you use in writing your essay.*Need three aIDitional sources other than the ones recommended. Works need to be cited at end of essay.

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