Prevalence of Substance Abuse and Mental Health


Several studies have been done on healthcare and the adoption of initiatives on healthcare. This paper reviews two research articles in a bid to assess their reliability and validity.

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Review of Article 1:

Research Issue and Purpose

The main issue for research in this paper was the gap between the prevalence of severe mental illnesses and most favorable physical health care needed by these patients. The researcher sought to study the perceptions of stakeholders concerning the initiatives carried out by Queensland Health and General Practice in aIDressing the gap. Both the issue and the objective of the study have been outlined clearly and concisely.

Research Pre-understandings

being taken by Queensland Health and General Practice to ease these problems. Although the authors recognize the need to reduce the gap between acute mental health and the required medical attention, they are not sure if the guidelines given by Queensland Health and General Practice fulfill stakeholders’ expectation.

Literature Review

The literature review uses current and relevant sources. In aIDition, this part has utilized current events such as Queensland initiatives to improve healthcare. The authors also mentioned several theories related to the research question. However, they failed to summarize the main concepts and messages in the literature review.

Theoretical framework

Although there is no separate part for the conceptual framework, the paper does define two theories related to healthcare. These theories include Normalization Process Theory and The General Theory of Implementation. They explain that both theories are related and are concerned with the implementation of initiatives related to nursing.


The study involved seventeen participants who held significant positions in their institutions. This sample is small enough and big enough at the same time because it will enable an unbiased result. Moreover, the involvement of both genders enhances its outcome. The sampling strategy was relevant to the study as it picked only those active participants.

Ethical considerations

There is nowhere in the article where there is a description of the methods used to protect the research subjects and their confidential information.

Research Design

The study utilized the exploratory research design, where the researchers are aiming at exploring the perceptions of the participants regarding the introduction of new guidelines in healthcare. This research design suits the research question.

Data Collection/ General Methods

The data was collected using semi-structured interview guides sent electronically to each contributor. The credibility of the data cannot be accounted for since there was no interviewer during the interviews.

Data Analysis

The researchers decided to use a thematic approach to analyzing their results. Indeed, the resulting data was analyzed using the grounded theory. This analysis is sure to provide correct findings.


The outcome of the study was that the perception of the participants to the “Activate: mind & body” program was positive. In particular, the purpose, principles, partnerships and pragmatism of the program impressed all the participants.

Discussion of the Findings

All these findings are similar to previous studies in healthcare in that any new initiative in healthcare is welcomed but experiences challenges concerning the pragmatism of its implementation.


The participants were drawn from one sector of the implementation committee. Moreover, all these participants were executive members. This affects the credibility of the findings.

Implications and Recommendation

The conclusion was drawn from the findings; moreover, the suggestions from the researchers were related to the study keeping in mind the participants utilized in the study.

Relevance of the Research

This research will inform future decisions in my practice because it shows the future of healthcare especially in acute mental illnesses.

Article 2: Balance and Gait Deficits in Schizophrenia Compounded by the Comorbidity of Alcoholism

Research Problem and Purpose

Research problem and Hypothesis

There is no clear research problem in the article, but the hypothesis is that the comorbid patients had more deficits than those suffering from alcoholism or schizophrenia alone.

Literature Review

Although this part is short, the researchers have combined several sources to produce one of the best literature reviews. Moreover, all the sources are up to date.

Theoretical Framework

The Researchers described the quantitative ataxia tests as their conceptual framework. The framework is within the nursing discipline.


The research involved 44 members suffering from different illnesses and deficiencies. The sampling involved drawing members from different ailment group. The sampling was perfect for the study since it incorporated all the groups needed for testing.

Protection of participants

Research Design

The research design is confirmatory as the researchers stated their stance before the research began. The research seems to be modeled

Instruments and Strategies

The study utilized Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) and statistical instruments such as ANOVAs. However, it does not explain the reliability of the instruments.

Data Collection

All the patients were tested for gait and balance using the devices above. One group of patients followed another. For instance, schizophrenic patients were tested first followed by alcoholic patients then the comorbid patients.

Data Analysis

The resultant data was analyzed using statistical instruments such as ANOVA. Moreover, Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) was usedwere geared at confirming the deficiencies within the three patient groups.

Interpretation of Results

The results suggested that the comorbid group had more deficiencies than the other groups. Although the results also showed that, the alcoholics drank more alcohol than the other groups. The results were interpreted using the ANOVA and the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale.


The discussion utilizes the framework defined by the researchers. Moreover, the discussion links the results of past studies done on the subject making it valid and reliable.


The study does not document any limitations.

Implications and recommendations

There are no implications as well as recommendations in this research paper.

Research Utilization

The research provides information on the status of three types of patients. However, the fact that comorbid patients have more problems than alcoholics and the schizophrenics enables one to offer sound advice concerning the effect of alcohol on a person’s life.


A comparison of article one and two proves that article one is well-written than article two. This means that research one is better than research two. Both papers have left out some essential parts of a research such as ethical considerations.

Inserted: Review of

Deleted: Active steps towards a healthier life for people with severe mental illness: a qualitative approach to understanding the potential for implementing change by Ehrlich et al., (2013)

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