Prepare a Written Case Analysis

Gain an Understanding of the Case Study I suggest you do the following: 1. Download and read the “Guide to Case Analysis” in the Resources area located under Course Tools to the left of the screen. 2. Read the Case Study in your textbook entitled “Southwest Airlines in 2010: Culture, Values, and Operating Practices.” I found a slide show of the case study-

3. View the following videos and visit the following websites to gain a thorough understanding of the case and supporting materials.

a. A Day in the Life of Culture Committee –

b. LUV in the Workplace – c. Southwest Airlines –

Prepare a Written Case Analysis

Once you have a thorough understanding of Southwest Airlines write a case analysis (1) identifying all the pertinent issues that management needs to address, (2) perform whatever analysis and evaluation (e.g., Five ForcesSWOTPESTLEfinancial ratios, etc.) as appropriate, and (3) propose an action plan and set of recommendations addressing the issues you have identified.

Specifically, address what grade would you give Southwest management for the job it has done in crafting the company’s strategy? Why? What is it that you like or dislike about the strategy? Why? Does Southwest have a winning strategy? Why or why not?

The required minimum number of words for initial postings to each discussion question each week is 500.