Portable Health Records in a Mobile SocietyEmpower Patients with Portable Health Recordschapter contribution;PrivacyHow do we maintain privacy while allowingaccess to authorized users? Timed access /automatic access expiration?2pages and3 references.5.4. FITT ModelHealthcare information technologies including mobile ones are being used byproviders and patients at different levels.Research shows various rates of adaptionand usage of information technologies aswell as successful marginal or failedimplementations of such technologies.While there are a number of theories thatexplain variation in adaption and usage thischapter presents a theory that explainsadaption of technologies in healthcare froma perspective of Fit between Individual Task and Technology. (3 pages and 3 pages)


Health Services Organization ManagementConclusion and SummaryHealthcare Leadership Motivation and Organizational Behavior Teamwork among HealthcareProfessionals Quality Improvement Strategic Planning and Management Information Technology Finance and Health Insurance Healthcare Marketing Cultural Proficiency Ethics and LawImagine that your employer has asked you to create a one-day training course highlighting the important elements above.1. Create a hierarchy of five (5) of the most important topics that you feel you need to address in this one-day course that best fits the course title of Health Services Organization Management: The Essentials Presented in One Day. Provide a detailed rationale for each of the five (5) topics.2. Discuss how you can apply the course learning outcomes of this course to your professional and personal life.

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