please watch video on headings/ week five outline please do on leadership styles




Assignment Description: provide a two-page outline of your Week 7 Major Paper.  The outline should include the following: scenario goals action plan

Choose your topic carefully as you will not be allowed to change your topic once this outline has been submitted.  The topic is applying an evidence-based approach to solve a specific workplace challenge.  The Week 7 assignment will be similar to the Week 2 and Week 3 assignment, although it will be more comprehensive with a significant focus on research that supports your approach to solving a real-world problem.

Week 5 Goal: to learn how to prepare for a major project using an outline.

Week 5 Goal: students should begin to find 5 or more peer-reviewed research articles that can used during weeks 6 and 7.

The Collaborate meeting this week will cover the topic of how your outline should translate directly into headings used in your paper.  Watch this video relating to the use of headings using APA format: