Please submit the following


Please submit the following:

Your thesis statement (one sentence total) for your research paper.

A list of THREE sources from J-Stor or an E-book from our SF library catalog.

The three sources need to be in Chicago format (Links to an external site.).



Please submit your thesis statement (it will be a repeat from our  previous assignment, or perhaps tweaked depending on my feedback) and a  bullet-point outline for your 5 to 6 page research paper.

The bullet points will be grouped under three headings: Formal Analysis, Iconography, and Iconology.

Remember that your bullet points will each have some connection to your thesis statement.

Here is an example of a thesis and outline. THESIS STATEMENT AND OUTLINE – STUDENT EXAMPLE.docx


Final paper

1) Five to six pages double-spaced

2) Contains the following sections: Intro paragraph, formal analysis, iconography, iconology, and synthesis

3) Contains footnotes in CHICAGO STYLE

4) Contains a bibliography in CHICAGO STYLE (page 6 or 7 of your paper)

5) Is in WORD, PDF, or GOOGLE DOCS format

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