Panitumumab Leaflet for Healthcare Professional (colorectal cancer treatment)

Panitumumab Leaflet for Healthcare Professional (colorectal cancer treatment)

produce a leaflet which should describe, evaluate and critically appraise the cancer therapy for the treatment of patients. The leaflet will require careful writing in order to include the relevant information in an informative and interesting manner whilst developing a coherent argument regarding the use of the cancer therapy.

This leaflet is for healthcare professionals, not patients, and therefore should evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment in the particular conditions as well as include general information on the drug and where appropriate any specifics relating to handling etc. Your leaflet should complement and augment the primary information provided by the pharmaceutical company. Please note that you do not have to discuss all cancers treated by the particular therapy, your leaflet can concentrate on a particular cancer.

You will be required to use a range of primary reference sources, including scientific papers. Thus you may wish to refer to the findings from particular review articles, or original papers to back up your argument on e.g. the mechanism of action of the drug, why it is suggested for use in a particular condition, or why its administration is as specified along with other relevant material, which you need to use your own judgement to evaluate whether its inclusion is relevant. As stated previously, your remit is quite clear “You should produce a leaflet which should describe, evaluate and critically appraise the cancer therapy for the treatment of patients.” If all you do is describe you are clearly not achieving the requirement of this assessment and you will not achieve a passing grade.

The leaflet should not exceed 4 sides of A5. The main text should be in Arial with 10pt characters with page borders of 1.27cm. Figures and tables are acceptable and may aid clarity, but do remember that this will take up space within your leaflet. Due to the limited space which you are being permitted to use, the referencing style within the text should be the citation-sequence system (in this system the citations are given numbers according to the order in which they appear in the text) and then you can provide a separate reference sheet(s), which must be submitted along with the leaflet.

Remember you are not selling the drug, only informing healthcare professionals. Must reference at least 10 primary scientific papers (recent 5 years!).

Need to mention potential side effects and ways to overcome them i.e skin rash etc.

10% of the mark for the leaflet will be awarded for presentation.

chosen drug = panitumumab

chosen cancer = colorectal

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