Outpatient vs. Hospital Presentation

comparing outpatient services to those offered by hospitals. As medical professionals we need to understand the roles of each and how they differ. Create a PowerPoint presentation that aIDresses the following: 1. Compare the roles of outpatient services and hospitals related to their place within the health care delivery system. How are they similar? How are they different? 2. How have the roles of outpatient services and hospitals evolved from historical times to the present? 3. Identify three functions shared by both outpatient services and hospitals. How do outpatient services and hospitals differ in their approach to these functions? How are they similar? 4. Which type of health provider (outpatient services or hospitals) has been most effective in caring for underserved populations? Explain your reasoning. 5. Are the financial challenges faced by hospitals different from those of outpatient services? How are they similar?

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