Occupational Therapy homework questions

These questions are questions from the Occupational Therapy field they just need o be answered correctly using your own words because they will be ran through a plagiarism site you can us the links provided to answer the questions below, the other question provide answers in a multiple choice format please choose the correct answer

2. How has the increased emphasis on research affected OT education? 3. What is the purpose of “practice acts”?

4. What issues of infringement are of concern to OT? What can occupational therapists do to address the issues of infringement?

5. Explain the three characteristics of the settings OT practitioners work in.

6. What effect has the Prospective Payment System (PPS) of 1983 had and continues to have on the US health care system?

7. What are the three spheres of practice and the types of health conditions/problems seen in these spheres? What types of problems are addressed by occupational therapy in each? Provide an example of the real life settings in each sphere.

8. What are the employment trends for occupational therapy practitioners? According to Occupational Outlook Handbook, what is the median salary of occupational therapists in your region of the country? http://www.bls.gov/oco/

9. Assistive technology is a media used by occupational therapist. A) How have the changes in technology affected the way people in our society engage in occupation? B) Do you feel that the increase use of technology is beneficial or detrimental to people’s engagement in occupation? Please explain.

10. What types or vehicle modifications are available for the following conditions or disabilities? a. Spinal cord injury (paraplegic or quadriplegic) b. Lower extremity amputation

What is the purpose of assistive devices in client therapy and participation?

Select one:

a. To restore abilities to engage in occupations 

b. To compensate for a limitation of the individual

c. To enable therapist to discharge clients safely

d. To decrease pain and improve client factors

What is the term used to describe the desire of more elderly people to remain in their homes?

Select one:

a. Early Intervention

b. Ergonomic Consulting

c. Aging in place

d. Community Health

What characteristic of a practice setting is an acute care hospital that provides immediate assistance to those injured or with severe illnesses?

Select one:

a. Spheres of practice

b. Level of care

c. Reimbursement structure

d. Administration

School based settings and day treatment programs best represent which sphere of practice?

Select one:

a. Medical

b. Social

c. Psychological

d. Biological

What type of settings includes the Veterans Administration Hospitals?

Select one:

a. Private not-for-profit

b. Public

c. Public

d. Private for-profit

What is the most popular setting of employment for OTA’s?

Select one:

a. Hospitals

b. Skilled nursing facilities

c. Schools

d. Day treatment centers

What type of setting provides care for clients who live at home but still need service?

Select one:

a. Rehabilitation setting

b. Acute care setting

c. Hand therapy clinic

d. Outpatient settings

Which legislation caps the annual reimbursement for occupational therapy services?

Select one:

a. Social Security Amendments of 1983 (PPS)

b. American with Disabilities Act of 1990

c. Balanced Budget Act of 1997

d. Medicare (1965)

Universal cuff and non-skid mats are examples of what type of assistive devices?

Select one:

a. Augmentative

b. High technology

c. Low Technology

d. Environmental controls

Which setting emerged with the closing of institutions?

Select one:

a. Long-term care facilities

b. Home health agencies

c. Community mental health centers

d. Hospitals

What gives the legal definition of a profession and defines its domain of practice?

Select one:

a. Practice act

b. Accreditation

c. Code of ethics

d. Certification

Which of the following is an emerging area of practice among children and youth?

Select one:

a. Ergonomics

b. Obesity 

c. Homelessness

d. Driver assessments

Which trend is reflected in the centennial vision for occupational therapy?

Select one:

a. Emphasis on occupation-based practice

b. Limiting the diversity of the workforce

c. Revitalize the use of arts and crafts

d. Need to strengthen physical rehabilitation

What is an orthopedic device used to immobilize or support any part of the body especially the upper extremities called?

Select one:

a. Brace

b. PAM

c. Splint

d. Positioning device