Occupational stress among healthcare workers in UK

3500 words report under Occupational Health and Safety subject.
Title of assignment : Development of OHS intervention strategy
Assignment description: For country and occupational health issue of your choice, for example ,MSDs, mental health,etc (I select Occupational stress among healthcare workers in UK) , analyse synthesis the current literature on recent changes in demography, industrial structure and labour markets and their potential impact on the health of workers. Produce an evidenced based occupational health intervention strategy suitable for your chosen occupational health issue.
Intended learning outcomes:
1.Critically evaluate social, demographic and industrial influences on occupational safety health and well-being.
2. Access and interpret relevant injury and ill-health data to make recommendations for prioritisation of intervention
3. Make judgements on alternative strategies to manage workplace safety and health risks4. Formulate and communicate intervention strategies aIDressing workplace health and safety risksThank you.
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