Nursing – Professional Communication Case Study

Nursing – Professional Communication Case Study – Essay Writing Assignment Help


The Professional Communication Case Study essay is your opportunity to discuss the importance of professional communication in ensuring patient safety with reference to the following case study . Mary Chan is a 66 year old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female who presents for a health assessment in the general practice clinic where you work as the nurse. (Use this as evidence)

Answering this question in an essay format has two objectives:

To help you integrate knowledge about e?ective communication for nursing practice patient safety


The three (3) designated extracts

The two (2) additional relevant, reliable and current academic sources in your essay sources may be accessed from any or all of the following: relevant electronic databases such as CINAHL and MEDLINE.

One (1) of the additional sources must be a nursing journal article ( use additional reading) and one (1) must be from a reputable nursing Website source or report (e.g. the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) codes and guidelines).

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