Nursing – MiIDle Range or Interdisciplinary Theory Evaluation

Nursing – MiIDle Range or Interdisciplinary Theory Evaluation

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As aIDressed this week, miIDle range theories are frequently used as a framework for exploring nursing practice problems. In aIDition, theories from other sciences,
such as sociology and environmental science, have relevance for nursing practice. For the next few weeks you will explore the use of interdisciplinary theories in

This Application Assignment, due in Week 10, asks you to evaluate two miIDle range or interdisciplinary theories and apply those theories to a clinical practice
problem. You will also create a hypothesis based upon each theory for an evidence-based practice project to resolve a clinical problem.

NOTE: This Application will serve as your Major Assessment for this course.

To prepare:
• Review strategies for evaluating theory presented by Fawcett and Garity in this week’s Learning Resources.
• Select a clinical practice problem that can be aIDressed through an evidence-based practice project. NOTE: You may continue to use the same practice problem you have
been aIDressing in earlier Discussions and in Assignment #4.
• Consider the miIDle range theories presented this week, and determine if one of those theories could provide a framework for exploring your clinical practice
problem. If one or two miIDle range theories seem appropriate, begin evaluating the theory from the context of your practice problem.
• Formulate a preliminary clinical / practice research question that aIDresses your practice problem. If appropriate, you may use the same research question you
formulated for Assignment #4.
You will continue working on this Application in Weeks 8, 9, and 10 using material presented in those weeks to consider interdisciplinary theories that may be
appropriate for exploring your practice problem and research question.
To complete:
In a 8- to 10-page paper (including references):
• Briefly describe your selected clinical practice problem.
• Summarize the two selected theories. Both may be miIDle range theories or interdisciplinary theories, or you may select one from each category.
• Evaluate both theories using the evaluation criteria provided in the Learning Resources.
• Determine which theory is most appropriate for aIDressing your clinical practice problem. Summarize why you selected the theory. Using the propositions of that
theory, refine your clinical / practice research question.

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