Nursing Languages Mapping Care Using Standardized Terminology

Nursing Languages: Mapping Care Using Standardized Terminology
Refer to the ANA Recognized Terminologies and Data Element Sets and develop a Standardized Care Map for a NANDA Nursing Diagnosis of your choice. Include the following:
A brief introduction/overview to your chosen diagnosis, why you are interested in it and why it is necessary to develop a standardized care map for all nurses.
List the NANDA Nursing Diagnoses, Definition and Classification
List appropriate nursing interventions from the Nursing Interventions Classification System (NIC)
Choose a minimum of two other data sets that are important for the care map to provide high quality and safe patient care.
Summarize/Conclude the assignment with the anticipated nursing outcomes.
Remember to use APA 6th edition formatting, headings, and references as appropriate throughout the assignment.
This standard care map should be easy to follow for a nurse generalist and contain at least 4 pages in length (content) excluding title page and references.

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