• Health : This may be related to illness, disease or injury. Health is related to physical and mental well-being of a person and this keeps on changing over the lifetime of a person. The nurses will give instructions to the patients to take good care of their health without getting deteriorated due to changes in lifestyle. Basically, the nurses will help people to recover from their prolonging mental or physical health issues and they care injured patients to restore them back to normal life.
  • Illness : The health deviation happens in three phases. In the first phase, illness is identified and in the second phase, the state of illness is accepted and in the third phase, proper treatment is given to recover from the illness. The role of the nurse is to supervise and interpret symptoms, give medication and care patients.
  • Stress : The main job of the nurse is to reduce the stress of patients. Nurses will offer the required support to patients who health condition is getting deteriorated due to a health issue or injury. These people will listen to the concerns of patients, explain the procedures to patients, protect patients’ privacy and track the progress of their health condition from time to time. The main aim is to make patients feel comfortable.
  • Promote health : It is the sheer responsibility of every nurse to inform about the preventive methods and drive patients to embrace health practices and follow a healthy lifestyle. Nurses will also counsel about the risks of drinking alcohol, weight issues and give other self-care tips to improve the quality of life.

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