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1. Select a topic that interests you and is aligned to your course of enrolment (i.e. health-related topic). 2. Conduct a literature search to identify current issues of importance relating to this topic. Include grey literature in your exploration e.g. NSW Health Ministry, Clinical Excellence Commission. (Work with the UoW librarians to help you to develop searching strategies using databases and develop a conceptual map of ideas that develop from your readings – this should be inserted as an object in your appendix following your search strategy). 3. Write a critical review of the literature that will communicate to the reader what the topic is about and why this topic is important in an Australian health research context. The review is to provide an examination of recent or current literature, covering a range of concepts and includes recent research findings. A conceptual approach to writing the review is required, that is information is organised around identified concepts from the literature. 4. As a result of your reading about this topic you will identify gaps in knowledge about the topic. Using the gaps in knowledge that you have identified, construct one (1) qualitatively OR quantitatively framed research question.

The use of PICOT (quantitative) or PICo (qualitative) must be referred to discuss the conceptual development of your research question. The question should be framed suitable for a small research project – therefore the research idea should not be overly complex. You may need to map your research ideas further to identify a small researchable problem that has arisen from the gap in the literature to achieve this. The research question developed in this assessment item will be used in assessment 2 – Essay 2. Essay writing principles apply to this assignment therefore please use discussion, no bullet points or lists. Support all statements with contemporary appropriate evidence. Use Harvard referencing style – support is available from UOW Library http://public01.library.uow.edu.au/refcite/style-guides/html/ Attach a coversheet with student details, title and a word count for the assignment. You are required to submit your assessment via the Turnitin drop box on the subject Moodle site before submission of the assessment for marking. Submission of the draft assessment to Turnitin supports your learning through the provision of a report about your assessment. Following the receipt of your Turnitin report you are requested to revise your assessment based on the report. You have two opportunities available to you for student learning via Turnitin. NB – To submit your assignment to Turnitin will require you to complete the assessment before the due date to enable the report and changes to be made. You will not be able to submit to Turnitin within 24hours of the due.

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