New Harbor Tutorial

New Harbor Tutorial

New Harbor Tutorial Program Transcript

NARRATOR: Welcome to New Harbor, Delaware, a medium-sized city, where you will encounter various issues related to this community. Throughout your studies in Walden’s program, you will be asked to visit New Harbor, select different locations or hotspots to learn about challenges faced by residents, and then either create solutions or discuss the issues in the discussion area with your fellow students in the classroom. It is important to note that when you visit certain locations or hotspots that you fully read what is in this media.

For example, when you visit the New Harbor Community Center, make sure that you read the staff and residents’ comments that appear after clicking on their names. Take your time to visit the various sites within New Harbor that has a red hotspot to get a clear understanding of potential issues that professionals in your field can confront. In addition to the city map, you will also interact with several animated case study issues involving residents of New Harbor throughout your program.

You will also have written case studies and discussions and assignments pertaining to New Harbor throughout various courses. These animated and written case studies include stories of a domestic violence situation, plans to build a youth homeless shelter at the New Harbor Community Center, and other community issues. These media resources were created specifically for your Walden University program to help prepare you as a professional.


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