My personal preference for scholarly databases

My personal preference for scholarly databases, of those listed by GCU, is the CINAHL Complete. It is described as “the definitive research tool for nursing and allied health professionals with access to the top nursing and allied health journals” (Grand Canyon University, n.d., para 1). I have found that using the CINAHL database has provided me with the most comprehensive articles and information throughout the duration of my career as a nurse. I also tend to utilize the Joanna Briggs Institute EBP alongside the CINAHL database. The Briggs database “is a recognized global leader in evidence-based healthcare resources…[including] evidence summaries, evidence based recommended practices, best practice information sheets, etc…” (Grand Canyon University, n.d., para 3).

These databases, and those listed in the GCU Library are far superior to using Google Scholar or a general internet search. The databases listed above are first and foremost, medical specific. The information obtained in a search on either database will reveal only articles and information related in a medical aspect. Secondly, the use of traditional search engines, like Google Scholar, does not allow for the user to apply as detailed specificity to the search as could be in a database search. This in turn results in a “grab bag” of results that make it difficult to determine what is accurate information and what is not (LibGuides, 2018, para 5). Lastly, the use of databases remains consistent; meaning that standard web searches and results found on those websites can change without notice. This leaves room for error and for a loss of content to occur; you may not see the same information twice with a Google Scholar search (LibGuides, 2018, para 6)


The first one that I found helpful in aiding my research is the CINAHL database.  There are more than 4 dozen nursing specialties that are covered in the journals on their engine.  It provided you with the most current practices, continuing education and evidence base best practices (Grand Canyon University, n.d).  Secondly, the Joanna Briggs Institute will also help me in finding scholar information to support my EBP proposal.  It offers the best evidence base practices and systematic reviews.  These two databases are better than google scholar articles because it has been researched by specialist and proven before publication.  Articles that are found on google scholar or internet may not reliable because they can be written from opinions.  Since being a student at GCU, I have also found the databases to be valid, the peer review articles have reliable sources and have been thoroughly researched.  By also filtering it to what you are looking for, you can also find the most current practices.

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