– Must utilize provided textbook a minimum of 2 times (PDF FILE ATTACHED)


-APA 7th Ed, double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font, no excessive spacing. Images/charts/visuals can be used but must be outlined in the Appendices

-Must have a 2 paragraph Abstract

-All writing must be in essay/paragraph format (NO BULLETS).

Below is the following information that must be used in the paper

Company: AECOM ( https://aecom.com/about-aecom/ )

Position: Construction Project Manager ( https://aecom.jobs/arlington-va-va/project-manager/A06B4CB49FD94554918BE8EFDF5EAF08/job/ )

Develop a recruiting plan for the chosen position utilizing the theories discussed in the text. Discuss recruitment strategies, models, and goals. Evaluate the need for internal recruitment, external recruitment, or both (see rubric). Outline the steps in the process and show the reader how to apply each step as it relates to your specific org and position. Create a job announcement and include the KSAO’s or job requirements you are looking for. Place the announcement in the appendices.


– Must utilize provided textbook a minimum of 2 times (PDF FILE ATTACHED)

– Websites can be used but must be from North America sources. No Asia or Middle Eastern references will be accepted.

An Example is provided but understand that the formatting is not correct.

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