The 1790s was a decade of significant political conflict as the new nation witnessed the rise of political parties in response to domestic and international developments. In 1789, there were no official political parties. By the end of the century, two political parties, the Federalists and Republicans, vied with one another for control of Congress and the presidency. In this discussion, you will explore the positions of one of these political parties.


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INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, ​you will CHOOSE ONE of the political parties to write on: either the ​​Federalists OR the​​Republicans​​.​​ Choose whichever party interests you, or choose a party that you don’t know much about. Once you choose your party, you will assume the role of a member from that party – pretend that you are either a Federalist or Republican from the 1790s. There are three parts to this assignment: 1. You will write a minimum of three paragraphs​​ ​discussing the political, economic, and diplomatic views of your political party​​ ​(based on the content from the textbook). Your ​political views will include your perspective on state and national government (how strong or weak should they be); your economic views​​ will include your perspective on economic directions that the nations should take (or not take); your ​diplomatic views​​ will include your perspective on France and England (which nation do you support? why?). 2. You will also write an additional paragraph​​ ​on one of the primary source readings: – ​If you are a Federalist​​, you will explain what the ​Alien and Sedition Acts​ are and give examples from the Acts that you think are necessary to support your position (ex: what parts of the Alien Acts are necessary for the survival of the United States?). -​If you are a Republican​​, you will explain what the ​Kentucky Resolutions​ are and give examples from the Resolutions that you think are necessary to support your position (ex: what role should states play when the national government oversteps its authority?).

3. Respond to at least two postings by other students.​​ Use the voice of your political party when responding to the other postings (ex: if you are a Federalist, then either support a fellow Federalist or attack a Republican – with respect, of course). Be sure that your responses are analytical and include material from the reading (ex: if you are a Republican, why do you despise a Federalist?).


POST 1: ​​The party I chose to write about is the Federalists Party. Their political views, led by Alexander Hamilton, were that they wanted a strong central government in America. They wanted the power to be given to the wealthy and political leaders, as opposed to the Anti-Federalists who were led by Thomas Jefferson. The Anti-Federalists wanted to give the power to the individual states. If I were an American citizen in 1790, I would join forces with the Federalists.After the war, America was left with a huge debt. George Washington appointed Alexander Hamilton to be the secretary of treasury. The House of Representatives asked Alexander Hamilton to help with the current debt and help the economy grow stronger. Alexander Hamilton had an idea to create what was known as the Bank of the United States.



This would be used to create a unified currency, handle to government treasury, pay off federal debts, and give out loans to businesses that would increase commerce in America.

Also, to help improve the economy, the Federalists would depend of a strong government to control all trade, settle debts, and promote consumer spending. They would give loans to the wealthy, but also create cheaper products to sell to the lower classes. This increased the amount of products there were sold, which would then increase the power of the U.S. dollar. They also created an import tax on foreign products in order to protect businesses in America.

Under the Article of Confederation, the government had little power and the Federalists wanted a stronger government. They abandoned the Articles of Confederation and created the Constitution. The Constitution gave the government the power to tax, pass laws, and enforce those laws. Also under a central government, officials, who were educated men, were elected by the people. These elected officials would work together to decide what would be best for America as a whole.

Overall, the Federalists believed that America’s success lied in a powerful, centralized government. Their views on the future American economy, the Bank of the United States, the Constitution, and the need to elect educated officials shaped America to be one of the most successful countries in the world.

The Alien and Sedition Acts were a series of 4 laws passed by Congress in 1798 and signed into law by President John Adams. The four laws included: 1. The Naturalization Act, which made it harder for immigrants to become U.S. citizens. 2. The Alien Friends Act of 1798, which allowed the president to imprison and deport non-citizens who were considered dangerous. 3. The Alien Enemy Act of 1798, which allowed the president to imprison and deport non-citizens who were from a hostile nation. 4. The Sedition Act of 1798, which criminalized making false statments that were critical of the federal governtment. The Federalists believed that the Democratic-Republican criticism of the Federalist’s policies were disloyal. They feared the immigrants living in the United States would sympathize with the French during the war.

POST 2!: ​​As a republican, we take heed to states’ rights. Every state is different and are more likely to be able to meet the needs of their people versus a centralized government. A central government threatens our individual freedoms. We also like to make sure that we stick word for word to the constitution. State government should have more say so than the national government. We are more conservative and fall back on the more traditional values.

It is very important that we continue to support the working class, like farmers and small business owners. Having and supporting agriculture is as equally important for the farmers as it is for the community and economy. The Bank of the United States is forcefully taking over use that the individual states can have means from. Using what we have and living off of the land as we support each other is way more efficient than the manufacturing way of growth and living.

We as a strong group of Republicans proudly support the French. If it wasn’t for the French we wouldn’t have won our Independence. We needed their help so it’s only the right thing to do in helping them. They deserve the same independence as we have now!



The Kentucky Resolution is taken from the Kentucky government to speak up about how the Alien and Sedition Act was unconstitutional. States have the right to self-govern, and to not have federal laws so strong over them.




This means that you will write a MINIMUM OF 4 PARAGRAPHS​​ ​that discuss your particular political party’s perspective AND respond to at least two other postings. ​​Your answers should reflect the main points from the textbook and primary source document for your political party, and be sure to use examples from the readings to support your main points. Proof your answers before submitting it as errors in grammar and spelling will lead to a deduction in points. Use quotations when using the exact wording from the reading. Most of your answer should be in your own words and be sure to cite any quotes used in your answer.

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