Module 08 Professional Practice Activity

 Health Information Management Department Services Survey Professional Practice Activities (PPA) are activities designed to expose you to real, sometimes virtual, professional/healthcare practices. For students enrolled in the Health Information Technology Program, PPAs are a required part of the curriculum mandated by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).ObjectivesUpon completion of this activity, the student should be able to:Analyze and explain the QI survey results.Use critical thinking and problem solving skills to identify the steps required to investigate concerns and improve HIM Department Services.Demonstrate an ability to use management principles, techniques and tools in the operation of the HIM Department.’InstructionsRead the following file case study. Review the survey results in Table 1. (Source: AOE Case Study Manual)Metropolitan Hospital is a large and complex facility with 550 beds, 1,500 full-time equivalents (FTEs), and an active medical staff of 400. As part of a comprehensive analysis of the services offered by the HIM Department, the department director, Kay Smith, MBA, RHIA, surveyed the medical staff. The HIM Department currently has 125 FTEs, which include five supervisors, three assistant directors, and the director. During the past year, there has been a significant increase in turnover within the department and several positions have not been filled due to budget constraints within the hospital.The results of the medical staff survey were generally positive. In reviewing the results, however, the director has identified several areas of concern.Table 1: Areas of Concern from the HIM Department Services Survey ALWAYSOFTENSOMETIMESSELDOMNEVERRecords are updated for review for patient carewithin 12 hours 15%35%25%25%0%HIM employees are professional in the completion of their work (e.g., are dependable, maintain confidentiality, are accurate in the completion of their work10%20%50%20%0%HIM Department communicates well any changes in policies, procedures, or services to the medical staff.25%10%45%10%10% Answer the following questions based on the information in the case study. Analyze and explain the survey results using both numbers and words, and be specific.What do the survey results show? Analyze and explain the survey results using both numbers and words, and be specific. Brainstorm. What reasons could explain these results?Which survey item area of concern should be addressed first? Why?Using critical thinking and problem solving skills, identify steps the director should take to investigate concerns and improve department services. Recommend several solutions specifically addressing the survey problem areas.EvaluationThis activity will be evaluated based on your ability to:

 Analyze and explain the survey results.Prioritize the areas of concern.Use critical thinking and problem solving skills to identify the steps to be taken to investigate and improve department services and recommend solutions.Professionally present your analysis.